Rental Houses NIHON IRO
Like going back to the country
A quiet and relaxing moment

There is a space where you can spend a relaxing moment by forgetting the busyness of the day and the hustle and bustle of the city.

High ceilings, large windows, loving-hearty breakfast, tatami flooring and flooring available.

Please enjoy the quiet, relaxing time.


A place where you would like to tell someone
Beautiful sea and fishing port
Nostalgic cityscape

At NIHON IRO, you are welcome whatever your nationality, culture, religion or lifestyle is. Here, everyone is equal.

Our staff can speak many languages (English, French, Chinese, Indonesian...).

So please ask us anything about tourism in the area and how to explore Mochimune or Shizuoka's downtown. We have also many things to tell you about the Shirasu fish or how you can find great cafes with the best green tea of Shizuoka. We can also help you finding some relaxing natural hot springs.


Information about each inn

NIHON IRO Rental Houses.
You can monopolize a whole traditional japanese house.
You can choose from 6 types of rooms.


Surrounded by a beautiful garden, enjoy a relaxing moment

Total area 55.58㎡
Layout Living room 16㎡ (fireplace included) + (fireplace included) +kitchen・bathroom・washroom・toilet
Maximum capacity 4 persons


Have an exciting time watching a movie on a wide screen after sightseeing

Total area 79.50㎡
Layout Living room 13,6㎡(fireplace included) + second floor 7,8㎡ + bedroom 16㎡ +kitchen・bathroom・washroom・toilet
Maximum capacity 4 persons


Have a great time spending with your pets or friends together.

Total area 88.40㎡+dog ground included
Layout Living room 33,6㎡ (fireplace included) + bedroom 16,8㎡ +kitchen・ bathroom・washroom・toilet
Maximum capacity 6 persons


Whenever and Wherever you want

Total area 99.38㎡
Layout 【1F】 Living room 26㎡ (fireplace included) + bedroom 18㎡ + kitchen + bathroom + washroom + toilet
【2F】 Bedroom 23㎡ + bathroom vanity
Maximum capacity 7 persons


Perfect for a trip with family or friends

Total area 90.88㎡+Garden
Layout Living room 33㎡+bedroom 12.4㎡+dining room (fireplace included)+kitchen・bathroom・shower-room・2 washroom・2 toilet
Maximum capacity 8 persons


The best spending time for two persons

Total area 40.75㎡+Garden with dog ground
Layout Living & bedroom 21㎡+dining room (fireplace included)+ kitchen・bathroom・washroom・toilet
Maximum capacity 2 persons

Inn information

Inn location 2-13-14 Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka city 421-0122
Check in and check out
Check in 15:00/Check Out 11:00
【Reception】 Seaside Heights 1F, 2-26-8 Mochimune, Suruga Ward, Shizuoka city Postal code 241-0122
Please check-in at the adress above.
Facilities Japanese cypress bath・shower room・toilet・air conditioner (all rooms)・projector (Rindoh・Kohaku・Geppaku only)・dryer・refrigerator
Internet connection Free wifi
Bath and amenities equipment
Japanese pajamas・bath towels・face towels
shampoo・conditioner・body soap・face lotion・toothbrush・toothpaste・hairbrush・slippers・green tea・black tea and coffee
Cookware Kettle・kitchen utensils・table service (tea service・plates)・set of cutlery・wine glasses・corkscrew・seasonings.
Car parking Free parking located 1 minute away from the accommodation and the reception.
Service Free pick up service from Mochimune Station
Japanese-style hearth -Irori- For 3,240 yen including tax if in use.
Lending equipment
Bicycle free
Board game free
BBQ gas stove For 5,400 yen including tax per one.
Pet supplies free(SEIRAN・GEPPAKU only)
cage(no roof 60cm×100cm)・toilet Sheets・feed tray・water bowl・towel
Local Japanese sake For 2,000 yen or more, including tax.